Prithvi Singh Chauhan is the founder and Managing director of the holding company Vitalgates with a successful track record of building high powered teams,and leading some of the most experienced executives in UAE and GCC with combined 200+ years of experience and billions of dollars in deal experience within 60 days since inception, building a platform capable of reaching 9-10 figures in market valuation in 5 years.

He has single handedly given over 400 project presentations in less than 12 months and negotiated multiparty, multi-phase 7-9 figure dollar ticket business acquisitions of family businesses and corporations in the healthcare sector .

His astute business sense and core expertise in leadership, large scale business development and high powered team management has earned him the status of a high performance business leader reliable amongst the most respected class of senior executives in the UAE and GCC who currently advise him on Vitalgates.